About Pawstively Unleashed!

Renea L. DahmsCDBC, CBST

Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, Renea can work with you and your dog to achieve your training and behavior goals.

She began working with people and their pets in 1995...

5208 Heffron Court, Stevens Point, WI


Service Dog Programs

The American's With Disabilities Act (ADA) allows for an individual covered under the ADA to train their own service animal (dog).

The Pawsitively Unleashed! Owner Trained Service Dog program is designed to assist owners in exceeding the minimum standards for public access.

In addition -- Pawsitively Unleashed! Offers a Trainer/Instructor Certification Program.


I offer a trainer internship program.

Students of this program are required to put in a substantial amount of time in both hands-on and academic work.

This program is for those with the dedication and commitment to learn.

Students will assist in training classes, shelter training and events/workshops.

For more information - contact Renea

Space is limited to 3 interns at any one time.