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Welcome to Pawsitively Unleashed! Renea Dahms has been working with area dog owners to reach their behavior goals since 1997...Canine Behavior Science & Technology program graduate, she.... 

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What families really need are positive, gentle training techniques combined with scientifically valid information—and that is exactly what Renea’s manual delivers. Owners will learn simple but 
important exercises to help their dogs master new skills, and will come away with an understanding of how to apply these important behavior concepts to any situation that might arise. A valuable read 
for any dog-loving family!

- -
 Nicole Wilde, Author Don’t Leave Me! and Help for Your 
Fearful Dog

Renea Dahms is an engaging and energetic presenter. Her down to earth attitude and real life stories are both informative and entertaining for the audience. Renea offers a wealth of experience and presents in an easy to understand manner. Our audience leaves with an arsenal of advice and tips for working with their own pets. Renea is very accommodating and has tailored many presentations to fit our needs. She is a pleasure to work with and we will plan to bring her back to our organization in the near future!

Bridget Chariton

Executive Director

South Wood County Humane Society

Author, Speaker, Behavior Specialist

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