2109 Madison Street, Stevens Point, WI 54481

The Swim & Gym staff are caring & involved. 

To ensure the safety and well-being of your family companion, all staff receives continuing education in canine fitness & nutrition.

Your dog will be treated as if it were our own, and all care is taken to ensure s/he is comfortable during any fitness and conditioning appointments...

We Offer...


Post-Surgical Conditioning

General Fitness

Sport Specific Conditioning

Booth Pool Release & Pool Agreement MUST be on file prior to swimming 

Who doesn't want to have a career you love!

The Swim & Gym staff have been selected for their love of working with dogs and their empathy for them.

Canine Fitness & Conditioning is a growing career path - we are happy to have the opportunity to be part of this rewarding & worthwhile program.

Fitness & Nutrition Coach, Renea L. Dahms CDBC, will work with you to meet your dog's specific needs.

This will include:

Strength & Balance Testing

Nutrition Consulting

Custom Conditioning Programs

  • Sports specific
  • Age specific
  • Body type specific 

Peak Performance

Why Choose Us

We Truly Care

We Love What We Do

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Pawsitively Unleashed! offers Central Wisconsin's only canine swim pool.

Our pool is set at a therapeutic 92° (never colder) to ensure all our clients receive the needed care after surgery or injury.

The pool is 20 feet long and conditioned with Spa Marvel, a natural pool conditioner. In addition we have a state of the art glass filtration system that is used in sea mammal aquariums to guarantee the best possible water quality. 

The pool is sanitized every evening and the water drained every 3 months. 

Water Quality is extremely important to us!

We highly recommend your dog swim with us prior to surgery so that s/he is familiar and comfortable with the pool and our swim staff. This will further prevent any issues post-surgery.

The pool is open and available for swimming Monday - Saturday. We are closed on some holidays...

Canine Conditioning &

Fitness Programs

Canine Swim Pool