Canine Behavior Consulting Services

Initial Meeting: $175.00

  • Paperwork reading
  • 60-minute meeting
  •  Assessment of dog
  • Clarify information from paperwork
  •  Develop Behavior Modification Plan (BMP)
  • Follow up meeting 45 minutes
    • Discuss BMP
    • Demonstrate BMP
    • Client to work on BMP

Follow-Up Sessions: $75.00

  • 30-minutes 
  • Re-evaluate BMP
  •  Aid client with issues working BMP

 BMP Restructure: $95.00

     Includes martingale and matching lead

We offer Behavior Consulting for the following issues:

  • Aggression
    • ​Dog-dog
    • Dog-human
  • Fearful - Anxious Dog

We offer these services on a limited basis.

Aggression and fear are extreme examples of canine behavior out of sync with our relationships with our companion animals.

These issues take a huge emotional toll, which we understand 100%

Our behavior program is based on appropriate science and up-to-date research, as such we will not be "whispering" your problems, we do not offer a 100% money back guarantee nor do we promise a quick fix with the simple addition of a shock collar.

Our program is sound and requires work on the part of the owner (and family) and a commitment to making the needed changes for yourself in order to get the needed changes from your dog.

You must be willing to follow our behavior modification plans - AS WRITTEN - and use the prevention and management skills we will be giving you.

We look forward to working with you to create the change and harmony you seek.


2109 Madison Street, Stevens Point, WI 54481