Intern Program

Dog Training Instructor:
Objective: To build the solid, foundation needed for a future career as a professional dog trainer. Upon completion, students will have a hands-on, working knowledge of operant conditioning, training foundation skills, the ability to use and explain conditioned reinforcement and experience in shaping behavior. Successful students will receive a certificate of completion.

Prerequisite: Application Process          

Investment: $1000.00

Commitment: 6 Months:
Hands-on training, required reading and assignments
All assignments to be done as described in each course syllabus     

Canine Behavior Consulting:
Objective: To gain a working knowledge of behavior modification practices. Students will learn through a combination of hands-on lab and online classroom environment. At the completion of the program, student should be able to conduct a behavior intervention interview with a client, create a detailed behavior modification plan, explain the plan to a client and help implement the plan to a satisfactory outcome; including strategic plan modification as needed. Students will also be skilled in how to approach the possibility of euthanasia and other remedies beyond behavior modification work. Successful students will receive a certificate of completion. 


Successful completion of Dog & Training Level 1
Investment: $1500.00

6-12 months (depending on my case load)

Student will complete a total of 6 case studies, including (but not limited to):
            Create a client and behavior questionnaire
            Behavior assessment write up
            Veterinary cover letter
            Behavior Services Agreement
            Behavior Log Sheet
            Homework exercises

Behavior Concerns Addressed:
            Resource guarding

Fearful Dog:

Other Miscellaneous         


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