Trainer Credentials!

June 22-25, 2017

Join Internationally known and respected training & behavior professional, Renea L. Dahms CDBC in this fun weekend workshop.

Studies on human and canine obesity show a growing problem in the waist lines of both species.

Exercise has become the "E" word and our mostly inactive lifestyle is taking a toll as we drag our companions with us.

P.A.W.S.~ Physical Activity With Spot™ incorporates functional movement and physical activity for BOTH human and canine to create a new healthy lifestyle for both.

UPDATE! P.A.W.S. has been recognized by the CDC's Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Program, as such we are adding the program to our workshops.

Participants have the option of attending the entire 4 days, which includes the two day Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coaching program, or simply coming for EITHER of the 2 day tracks.

In addition, they will be helping their dogs gain better skills, confidence, control and focus, while strengthening their bond.

This is a certification workshop ... 
Upon successful completion of this workshop and 
Submission of 3 program designs
Participants will be P.A.W.S certified.
Annual CEU's will be required to keep certification.

Limited to:
10 working spots (P.A.W.S. activity portion)
20 auditing spots

Early Bird Registraion: (December 18, 2016 - April 1, 2017):
Four-Day Workshop: Diabetic Lifestyle and Activity 
$900.00 -- includes working spot
$625.00 -- includes auditing spot

Two-Day Activity Track only: (Sat/Sun)
$500.00 - Working Spot
$225.00 - Auditing Spot

Two-Day Diabetes Lifestyle Prevention Coach only: (Thurs/Fri)

Registration after April 1, 2017:
Four-Day: Diabetic Lifestyle & Activity
$1200.00 - includes working spot
$900.00 - includes auditing spot 

Two-Day Activity Track Only: (Sat/Sun)
$650.00 - Working Spot
$275.00 - Auditing Spot

Two-Day Diabetes Lifestyle Prevention Coach Only: (Thurs/Fri)

Come, Stay, Play & Learn!

All spots include training manuals


2109 Madison Street, Stevens Point, WI 54481