Smart Start Puppy™:

  • Ages 7 -16 weeks of age*
  • Off Lead Program
  • ​​Supervised Play Time
  • Basic Puppy Manners
  • Off-Lead Control
  • ​STAR Puppy ~ AKC CGC Program
    • ​​Allows petting by someone other than owner
    • ​Grooming - allows brief exam (feet, ears)
    • ​Walks on leash - follows owner in straight line
    • ​Walks by other people on leash
    • ​Sit on command
    • Down on command
    • ​Reaction to distractions
    • Stays with stranger on leash while owner walks 10 steps away 

​Tuesdays 6 pm

*Puppies will be required to move up by 20 weeks of age, or they have reached 35lbs, or at the discretion of the trainer for the safety of the younger (smaller) puppies.

Performance Puppy™

  • Ages 17 weeks to 18 months*
  • Building strong bodies
  • Creating confidence ~ help fear/anxiety
  • Creating strong bodies & body awareness
    • Studies show that dogs with greater body awareness:
      • have increased mental well being
      • greater ability to learn
      • more coordinated & synchronized movement
      • stronger bones and better ability to cope with stress
      • lower risk of injuries

*Open to older dogs upon instructor recommendation

Mondays 6 pm

Puppy Training

​Group Classes


2109 Madison Street, Stevens Point, WI 54481