2109 Madison Street, Stevens Point, WI 54481

Classes are available for almost anyone!

From baby puppy to competition and just lots of fun stuff! 

Behavior consulting

We offer a full-slate of training opportunities, whether your dog is a seasoned competitor or world class couch potato, there is something for most everyone here.

In addition we offer a canine conditioning and fitness training, important for competitors and companions alike. 

Check us out, you are always welcome to pop in and see what we are about.

  • Canine Swim Pool
  • Canine Conditioning/Fitness Programming
  • Prevention Programs
  • Canine Nutrition Consulting
  • Group Training Classes
  • Private Training Programs
  • Doggie Day School
  • Service Dog Training
  • Intern Program
  • Behavior Consulting
  • P.A.W.S. ~ Physical Activity With Spot 
  • Sporting events and workshops

Nutrition is the cornerstone of everything. Your dog's health, well-being and behavior are effected by what s/he eats. Learn how you can ...

Swim Pool

our Services

Canine Nutrition

Group Training

Behavior concerns arise and they require more than simple obedience training  - Ask me how I can help your dog...

Swimming is FUN, Functional and will help with injury reduction, as well as post-surgical recovery